Coming from distant epochs, luxurious luxuries, sophisticated jewels and sumptuous décores to the palace, the dormitory will add a touch of style to your surroundings: it is impossible to resist its unique charm. Sleeping is one of those furnishing accessories that can Bring a special light into an environment and make it simply unforgettable. No one can escape the malice of its sinuous line and its seductive hybrid nature that escapes every definition. What is it, sleeping? An armchair? A couch? Nothing at all: sleeping is nothing more than … A dormeuse! What makes this beautiful accessory so beautiful and full of charm is its glorious past and its many connections with the world of art. To go back to the origins of the dormeuse, you have to travel back in time to ancient Rome when aristocrats used to banquet for hours and hours, accompanied by music and dances, on the so-called triclinium or lectus convivialis.

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